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How to Take Great Photos to Enhance Listings






Taking great photos of your products only improves the chances of success for your listings on Shoppio

Let’s face it, if your photos are blurry or not that good then it won’t matter how good the deal is that you’re offering.

You need to do a few things to ensure that you’re putting your product in its best possible light, literally.

You can take up to four photos per listing.
Use your phone’s camera to take them or browse thru your photo library to select them.













The most important things to remember when taking photos is “Focus” and “Lighting”

For focus, you want to get as crisp and clear an image as possible of your product.
This means choosing the best angle and distance of the item to reveal what it is and its condition

As for lighting, this is critical for the quality of the image.
Be sure to augment the lighting in your room no matter what time of day it is.
You can control what is enhanced in the photo by how you aim the light and the shadows it casts.

Remember that you can add and remove the photos as many times as you feel necessary until you’ve captured the best images

You don’t have to be a world class photographer to be successful on Shoppio but using excellent photos helps your listings tremendously.