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In order to sell anything on Shoppio you will need to create a shop which is free. Each shop is based on your GPS location so you can have multiple shops in different locations.

Each Shop can have completely different inventory and you can move items from one shop to another one. Here you can manage all your listings, move Shops to a different location, see all offers done by potential buyers and read messages sent to you related to a listing.


Shop detail-09

You can also see how many followers you have for your Shop.

EXPAND ON THIS: Statistic data for your shop is also available.

Create or add a Shop:

To add more shops press the “+” button located on the top right.


Here you can add an image and fill in several details related to your shop. You can hide your address if you don’t want to reveal your home address.


Press “Save” button on the top right and Congratulations on your NEW SHOP.