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How to Create a Listing

1. Select the Post button from the bottom Tab Bar
2. Select the type of listing you want to make:

  • Sale
  • Trade
  • Gift/Donate
  • Discard/Recycle
  • Rent
  • Lend
  • Services


Note: The process is the same for each type of listing except when it comes to the pricing. Listing types like Gift/Donate, Trade and Lend do not require a Price.

Post screen-09

2. When you select a listing type you will see the following screen:


3. You can add up to four photos for each listing. To add a photo simply tap any of the four available camera icons and either take a photo or select one from your photo album.

4. In order to create a listing on Shoppio, you will need to create at least one Shop which is based on your location. If you already created a shop all you have to do is select it from a drop down list. Reference How to Create Shops

5. Fill out all other details related to your listing in this one screen. Name, Price (if applicable), Category, Condition, Check Shipping if your willing to ship, Check Pick up if you want to meet for the transaction and add a description for your listing.


1. If the listing is for a sale, then price the item or select Best Offer to see what others will offer you for it.

2. If the listing is for donating/gifting, lending or trading then you don’t need to deal with a price.


Select the best one for your item

Photo Sep 19, 11 58 24 PM


Condition will let buyers know if it’s New, Used, Refurbished or Defective.



Shipping and Pick-up:

Let people know if you are willing to ship the item and if they can swing by to pick it up in person.

ship or pickup


Social Sharing:

Share your listing on our public Twitter feed, your personal Twitter feed or your Facebook page.

share options


Save your listing for later or make it Public:

You can create listings and save them privately to any of your shops and then list them publicly when you’re ready.

Save Privately means don’t share it with the world yet, just save it to your shop for now.

Save & Post means make it live right now for everyone to see.

private or post


Full listing Form:

Here is the entire listing screen (in this example for a sale but it will look the same for all types of listings)


Service Listings are a little different. Whether you mow lawns, sell lemonade, paint houses, clean gutters, babysit or whatever it is, Shoppio lets you list your services so that locals in your area will know what you can do for them. Here you select a Price and a Rate, whether your pricing for the service is by the hour, the day, per week, monthly or per year. We let you define it.


Service Categories are also Different from other listings, select the one that is applicable to your service.