Whether you mow lawns, sell lemonade, paint houses, clean gutters, babysit or whatever it is, Shoppio lets you list your services so that locals in your area will know what you can do for them.  


Shoppio can help you be more green by showing you the best places to recycle things. Simple list what you want to get rid of and someone will contact you. Some will even come and pick it up and pay you for it. You never know what can happen. Also, we can help you simple trash things safely and quickly.

Donate or Recycle

You can also rent things to others for a fee and track who has it at any time. You can also track everything you loan to friends, coworkers or neighbors who never return anything! Shoppio will help you never lose anything again.

Trade, Rent or Loan

Shoppio is great for buyers or sellers. Simply take a photo and instantly list it.

Buy or Sell

Shoppio is always aware of your location and helps you find the best local deals in your area in real-time! Setup InstantAlerts and get push notifications the moment somewhere posts something that you've been looking for!  



Welcome to Shoppio

Say hello to the best mobile shopping app, Shoppio!
Snap a photo and list it instantly without any hidden listing fees.
Buy, Sell, Donate, Trade, Rent, Loan, Discard or Recycle anything!
You can even offer services wherever you go.

Full-Featured Shops

With Shoppio, you can instantly Buy, Sell, Trade, Donate, Discard, Recycle, Rent or Loan no matter where you are. We include support for PayPal and all major credit cards thanks to stripe which means you don’t have to bring cash with you anymore.

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Safer Social Shopping

You can deal with people you know from  Facebook and Twitter, you can also Follow your favorite shops. Unlike other platforms where you are forced to deal with only strangers, Shoppio gives you a choice. Spread the word for every listing you create by using your social network connections and make more sales and deals.

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Services on the Go

Shoppio makes full use of your smartphone’s GPS features to find local deals and services instantly. Set an Alert and receive notifications. You will never miss another garage sale, yard sale or estate sale thanks to our system that tracks keywords of interest locally or globally. It’s like having a deal-hunter working for you 24/7.



Geocentric Visual Deals

Shoppio gives you the option to view all of the listings in your surrounding area in list view or via our cool visual map.

Sometimes it’s better to see what’s available in the neighborhood with a visual overview.



Customized Shops

Also, every Shoppio user gets to open multiple shops so you can have one type of shop at home and a totally different type of store with other listings at work.

This feature allows users to target their marketing in any desired location.


Powered by Applanta

Shoppio is powered by Georgia based development firm, Applanta.

Look for many more cool apps from this team that is focused on disruptive and productive apps.